Garofalo - All the qualities of Flour

"Not all flours are the same". Angelini Design accompanies Garofalo upon its entering the market of premium flour, with a packaging design in black that presents the characteristics and excellence of the new line.


Storytalia - The Unexpected Made in Italy

After handling the launch and design of the teaser site, Angelini Design organizes the inauguration event of e-shop project and online magazine, for which it curates the content and photo-editing since November 1st 2014.


Disneyland Paris - Christmas 2014

Angelini has designed the logo and key visuals of Disneyland Paris' entire communication campaign targeting journalists for the Christmas season of 2014. The operation included: a video teaser and graphics inviting to save the date, reminders, special invites, signs, goodies and gift bags.


Dolciaria Serio – Special Edition for Angelini Design

Angelini Design celebrates Christmas and the New Year with its clients and friends with the gift of a unique assortment of the best torroncini nougats from Dolciaria Serio, since 1926 a renown artisanal patisserie in San Marco dei Cavoti, in Benevento, an inland province of the Campania region.


Raid Group Spirit GDF Suez 2014

Since 2006 Angelini Design has been forging a visual identity for Raid Group Spirit GDF Suez and applying it to signs, publications and decorations tied to the event. Again in 2014 the agency confirms its creative contribution by participating in the success of this great company function.



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