Garofalo Olive Oil

Garofalo, the great pasta producer from Gragnano, launched its extra virgin olive oil in 2014. Angelini designed the graphics of the label – around the logotype Lucio Garofalo – and the copy inviting to read the back label.


Garofalo - All the qualities of Flour

"Not all flours are the same". Angelini Design accompanies Garofalo upon its entering the market of premium flour, with a packaging design in black that presents the characteristics and excellence of the new line.


Storytalia - The Unexpected Made in Italy

After handling the launch and design of the teaser site, Angelini Design organizes the inauguration event of e-shop project and online magazine, for which it curates the content and photo-editing since November 1st 2014.


Disneyland Paris - Christmas 2014

Angelini has designed the logo and key visuals of Disneyland Paris' entire communication campaign targeting journalists for the Christmas season of 2014. The operation included: a video teaser and graphics inviting to save the date, reminders, special invites, signs, goodies and gift bags.


Eni - Company Guide 2014

Angelini Design handles the restyling of Eni's company guide addressed to board members, shareholders and company managers. The Eni guide is a manual for corporate governance aimed at introducing the system of corporate rules that discipline the management and direction of the company.



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