Eni – Gente di Buona Pasta

On the occasion of Mantua’s Literature Festival, eni presents Gente di Buona Pasta – a social and gastronomic archaeology editorial project, with content management and graphics by Angelini Design.

Every year, eni publishes a theme-specific book inspired by Il Gatto Selvatico, the house organ produced in the 1950-1960s, which was especially popular with the company’s Italian employees abroad. After tackling cinema and art, 2014 is the year of cuisine and gastronomic culture.

Angelini Design developed the communication concept “Gente di Buona Pasta” (a play on words, meaning both “people who like good pasta” and “good, honest-hearted people”), selecting texts from the old publication, organizing content, and creating the visual style, graphics and layout of the book. The volume is divided into 3 sections: Kitchen recipes, with custom illustrations in the style of the 1950s and 1960s; Kitchen tips, with original illustrations from Il Gatto Selvatico; and Gastronomic culture, with texts set side by side with Il Gatto Selvatico original photographs.
Finally, the book includes a special final chapter titled I was there, with life and kitchen stories written by eni “pioneers” – the employees who worked abroad –, to showcase the memories of the people who truly built eni’s history, with their own hands and minds, passions and efforts.

The outcome is a powerful mix of past and present, capturing the charm of the past fifty years’ history of Italian cuisine and society. On top of the 1950s-inspired cover and the illustrations in the book, Angelini Design has created a particular packaging for this project: a 70×70 cm tablecloth that wraps the volume, and makes it even more unique.

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