A makeover for Ferrochina Baliva: new label, same great flavor

Pallini’s great history began in 1875, when the company started making the liqueurs and distilled spirits that are popular today in Italy and in over 35 countries in the world. Now a leader in Italy with Mistrà and syrups, as well as in the duty-free and American markets with Limoncello, Pallini continues to write its story of success.

After designing the new packaging for Amaro Virgilio, Angelini Design was entrusted with restyling the label for another of the company’s top products: Ferrochina Baliva, an infusion of cinchona bark with the added benefits of iron, winner of 8 gold medals.

To enhance the specific features of the product without compromising its identity, the gladiator illustrator – its true icon – was redesigned. Creating and adding the Baliva family monogram and refreshing the background with rich decorations made the label more precious and completed the restyling.

The entire artwork, designed in both Italian and English, highlights the product’s benefits and increases the label’s legibility, allowing Ferrochina Baliva to effectively convey its traditional quality – even in the market of the future.