Acciai Speciali Terni: visual identity for the booth at Made in Steel

Angelini Design designed the Acciai Speciali Terni booth for Made in Steel, Italy’s most important international steel sector fair, held in Milan on May 17th-19th 2017.
Within the framework of the agency’s solid collaboration with AST – which began in creating the company’s new visual identity – booth projects represent crucial moments that require concentrating the true essence of the company in the limited space allowed.
Once again, after Maastricht in 2015 and Düsseldorf in 2016, Angelini Design was proud to support AST in conveying its mission and corporate values at an important international event.

The concept of the booth features diagonal lines, transparent partitions and essential surfaces, simulating a real housing unit inspired by the Le Corbusier school and North-European home design principles.
It all makes for an enclosed and welcoming space that expresses the company’s priorities even from the outside: market orientation and innovation.

Large glass surfaces showcase the interior and symbolize the transparency and openness upheld by AST in all Client relations, while a diagonal line with mirror flooring represents the company’s ongoing efforts in research and innovation.

Angelini Design developed an innovative total look playing on the corporate and product palette of white, blue and steel. Corporate values are clearly declared with keywords written across the booth’s glass surfaces: “global player”, “innovative”, “customer oriented”, “passionate” and “reliable”.
AST’s international attitude was recognized and appreciated by guests, and won the booth a “2017 Made in Steel Award” as one of the top three in the “Best International Stand” category.

All in all, the Made in Steel booth was a highly symbolic project for AST – a global player always striving to meet Clients’ demands in terms of both industrial applications and ethical principles, who has chosen to foster a fruitful collaboration with Angelini Design.