Acciai Speciali Terni’s booth at Host

Angelini Design has designed Acciai Speciali Terni and Terninox’s booth for the 40th edition of Host, the international fair dedicated to hospitality in the Horeca sector, held at FieraMilano from October 20th to 24th 2017.

The event was a new opportunity for AST to meet the leading players in the world of hotels and food service, making contact with a specific market segment interested in stainless steel flat products dedicated to the professional catering business. Just like it did for the 2015 fair in Maastricht, the 2016 fair in Düsseldorf and the 2017 Made in Steel, the agency supported AST in creating a space that could express the company’s mission and corporate values, developing its visual identity.

The “Best International Stand” award won at the 2017 Made in Steel proves the high quality of Angelini Design’s work. For Host, the agency further explored the “house” concept it had introduced at previous professional fairs to express customer orientation, highlighting it even more within the event dedicated to hospitality.

The central structure of the Host booth is built around diagonal lines on a spiral, confirming the dynamic approach and evolution of the company. The spiral shape that encloses the business room was inspired by AST’s products (namely, its coils). Projected on a diagonal, that graphic element turns into an ear – a metaphor for the ability to listen to clients’ needs – and most importantly into an “@” – symbol of innovation and icon of the digital era. The symbolism is strengthened by the QR code on the brochure display at the entrance.

As in previous projects, the interior of the booth is a mix of transparent glass, rational spaces and streamlined surfaces. White was dialed up and dominates the entire booth, conveying a sense of modernity and technology. Outside the structure, next to the information desks, Angelini added a large-scale video wall to attract visitors with a short AST video dedicated to professional catering. The video was created by Angelini Design especially for the fair, and highlights the main pillars in Acciai Speciali Terni’s philosophy.