Advertisement campaign for Neos Air’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Neos is the Alpitour Group’s airline. Founded in 2001, it specializes in the main short-, mid- and long-range holiday routes. Starting next December, it will be the first Italian airline to include in its fleet the innovative Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which consumes 20% less than its predecessor, the Boeing 767.
For the new airplane, Angelini Design conceived a modular advertisement campaign divided into three phases, with a distinctive and aspirational visual and copywriting language. The goal was to spark interest and curiosity for the new product and to increase brand awareness for Neos.

For the first phase, Mark Rothko’s works inspired a teaser based on the sharp division of space: the two contrasting areas of the beach and sky are placed in opposite positions compared to reality. The visual concept was paired with the tagline “girare il mondo” – which in Italian is a play on words meaning both “travel the world” and “flip the world”.
The next few months will focus on the second and third phases of the advertisement campaign, dedicated to presenting the product and engaging the audience, to foster brand awareness for the airline company.