Amaro Virgilio

Since 1875 Pallini, the renowned brand that produces the anise liquor Mistrà, has been one of the most important companies in Rome in the field of distilled liquors. Now Angelini Design has constructed the visual identity of the new amaro bitter produced in the historical plant in via Tiburtina.

After a careful analysis of the amaro market, Angelini Design decided to strongly characterize the product through the name and graphics: giving rise to amaro Virgilio, which takes its name from Pallini’s founder.

The classic Pallini amaro is thus reinterpreted and given a modern take: the traditional recipe, enriched by the intensity and properties of noble herbs, is associated to a new fashion bottle in a trendy and charming style.

The graphics of the label are conceived for a target that enjoys the true flavors of the past, without however sacrificing a touch of elegance.

The illustration portrays a quintessential period style gentleman, a dandy with the characteristics of the Victorian era, with branches and leaves in place of a head, to evoke the typical citrus scent of Pallini’s amaro.