Engie’s booth for Gastech Tokyo 2017

France’s leading natural gas company, Engie has chosen Angelini Design for its booth at the 29th Gastech, the most important international fair for the gas industry. Held in Tokyo, Gastech is a networking opportunity for the most important players in the field, and offers a rich program of conferences and meetings.

One of the company’s primary requirements was to create a strong presence through a clear and visible communication, highlighting the brand’s leading role throughout the gas field – in production, transportation, storage, distribution and supply to individuals, companies and communities. Therefore a large, 90-sqm booth was designed with two meeting rooms, an information desk, a lounge area with a few screens and the model of an LNG carrier. The project also included a bar and a “genius bar” equipped with iPads to present available programs and services.

The two-color palette was inspired by the visual universe of gas and clean energy sources. Blue represents the care Engie has for the maritime sector, going as far as inventing a new technology to transport liquid gas in a safe and eco-sustainable way. Warm yellow instead was chosen to convey cheerfulness and serenity.
Based on these hues, Angelini Design created graphic solutions that resemble volutes and waves, repeated along the various partitions in the booth.

A large panel was installed diagonally above the space, with a slogan dedicated to the fair: “Engie, a pioneer in the energy transitions”. For the event, additional illustrations and infographics were designed to communicate the company’s activities, with banners placed in various areas of the fair inviting the public to the booth. Every detail was designed to maximize legibility and consistently convey the image of the group.

Finally, for Gastech Engie entrusted Angelini Design with designing a giveaway that would remind visitors of Japan and gas. The agency came up with a translucent envelope containing a notebook of origami paper, complete with folding instructions and an LNG carrier drawn at the bottom of each page, which seems to move when turning the pages rapidly. The giveaway was printed in Engie’s corporate color, cyan 100%, and sewn bound by hand with white cotton thread.