Astaldi – Annual Report

In 2015, we completed for Astaldi a three-year-long series of financial statements inspired by the art of construction as a common creative concept; the last volume was dedicated to Alessandro Mendini, an internationally renowned designer and architect.

Architecture was indeed the perfect theme for the financial statements of one of Italy’s leading construction firms: it fleshed out into a triumph of lines and colors, forming solid and elegant shapes on the cover and on eight striking spreads inside. The spreads were designed to tie in with some of the largest infrastructures Astaldi built all over the world: functionality and aesthetics are at the core of the company’s progress and represent tangible proof of its growth.

The volume also marked a year of great satisfaction: financial for Astaldi, with revenue increasing threefold compared to 2013, and creative for Angelini Design, for successfully completing a bold and long-lived editorial project.