Astaldi’s monograph: The Art of Construction

To tell its story, Astaldi has chosen a monograph as a classic and exclusive communication tool to celebrate the group’s most impressive projects.

The Art of Construction is not only an editorial project: it is a milestone in the process of securing a new positioning for the group, tying in with its constant search for new ways to bridge aesthetics and functionality in its work.

Building, consolidating, transforming, innovating and designing are the cornerstones of the volume’s graphic design, which nevertheless always upholds an aesthetic approach that highlights formal harmony.

The title of the monograph reflects its core concept, and the agency’s creative proposal for the brief, playing with calligraphy as a metaphor for design. Art direction focuses on type, resonating with the idea of design in Astaldi’s large-scale infrastructures. The typography’s geometric compositions provide rhythm to the pages with always new stamps, creating a stylistic frame around copy and photographs.

 The first part of the book gives a wonderful interpretation of the concept with an evocative visual language that alternates illustrations and photographs of the group’s major works, in a perspective of constant design.

Over two hundred pages the book showcases projects from the whole world, to highlight the firepower of this major group, who once again has chosen Angelini Design for an international and strategic endeavor.