Berlucchi ’61: bubbles meet fashion

For the past few years, Berlucchi – founded by Guido Berlucchi and Franco Ziliani in 1955, and currently the name for Franciacorta spumante made according to the strictest rules in the world – has been working to redefine its position in the market. Eager to shift its image from colorful and emphatic visuals to a more simplified and elegant look, the company entrusted its consultants at Angelini Design with redesigning the secondary packaging for Berlucchi ’61, inspired by the world of fashion and fine perfumery.

The line sold over 700,000 bottles in 2016, and is dedicated to a young and modern audience of wine lovers with a penchant for fashion. Sold through traditional distribution channel, it focuses on wine bars, bars and trendy restaurants.

The client’s brief included the following needs:
● to highlight the product’s values and peculiar features,
● to define a new benchmark in communication, a new standard standing out from the competition,
● to identify a new visual code that could effectively reach the target and fit with the traditional distribution channel,
● to enhance the family feeling between products in the line,
● to strengthen positioning as “the elegant aperitif”,
● to tell a story of timeless excellence and quality.

For the leader of Franciacorta wines, Angelini Design created single and magnum boxes for the variations of Berlucchi ’61 (Brut, Rosé, Satèn and the new ’61 Nature), as well as box sets and POP materials (stem glasses, cushions, scarfs, spumante buckets, and invitation card to the winery).

The new packaging features clean lines that make it both elegant and lively. The visual was inspired by spumante’s perlage, adding a sparkling and festive touch. The font is intertwined with visuals and echoes the texture of spumante with a materic gold foil. Full color contrasts with the interior of the pack and makes it more refined. Angelini will carry out the restyling of the entire Berlucchi ’61 line.