Packaging Colli Etruschi oil – Special Edition for Angelini Design

Cooperativa Agricola Colli Etruschi is formed by over 390 partners that cultivate and care for about 40,000 olive trees on almost 2000 acres of land with a long tradition in producing olive oil. Founded in 1965, in the course of the years Colli Etruschi has received much national and European recognition for the high quality of its production, which takes place with the most modern methods, without forgetting tradition.

For these reasons, Angelini Design chose two of the leading products of Colli Etruschi to celebrate Christmas with clients and friends: the classic extra-virgin oil and the organic extra-virgin oil. An ad hoc packaging was conceived, starting with the design of a font type that directly references the consistency and shape of the oil: the characters in fact seem to have just come out of the olive press and are each a little different from the others.

The round label, placed in an asymmetric way with respect to the side of the bottle, the chosen color palette, and the wooden container with silk-screen printing underline the artisanal nature and great taste of the product.