Colorizia and Black Label

Angelini Design has created for Amarelli the new tin boxes and displays Colorizia and Black Label, respectively the anise-flavored licorice and “grand cru” licorice of the brand from Calabria.

Through specific stylistic choices and an accurate design, the agency takes on the role of consultant, supporting the client in the delicate phase of entering a new market segment with its first product for kids, Colorizia. The brand is also consolidating its significant international distribution, with exports to 21 countries and particular growth in the Japanese and the United Arab Emirates market.

The graphics of the Colorizia box are conceived for a younger public and reflect the inexhaustible joy and vitality children possess. The protagonists are three smiling penguins who are intent on painting the box with lively and colorful brushstrokes.

The graphics of “Black Label” instead display elegant and classic lines and a refined black hue to brilliantly showcase Amarelli’s core product, made with selected roots from the plain of Sibari according to an ancient and unparalleled recipe and using an innovative extraction method that enhances the organoleptic qualities of the licorice.