Disney Youth Program, learning to let the imagination soar!

The Shanghai Disney Resort has entrusted Angelini Design with creating the communication material for Disney’s Youth Program – a project carried out in collaboration with Chinese schools, aiming to teach new generations how to develop their imagination through activities inside Shanghai’s famous theme park.

Angelini Design designed promotional material for the project, the brochure and a learning-passport participants can use to access the park, as well as questionnaires teachers can use with their students during the visit, bracelets granting access to dedicated activities and final participation certificates.

The agency defined a visual inspired by typical school objects: rulers and graph paper turn into simplified shapes that are the building blocks for the iconic Disney castle and are featured throughout Youth Program communication materials. The fonts used, both for Western and Chinese type, were custom designed by Angelini Design.

The project’s simple and colorful aesthetics conveys the didactic nature of the initiative and, at the same time, Disney’s signature joyful vibe.