Distilleria Strega. A story of magic.

Founded in Benevento in 1860, the Strega Distillery has been producing alcoholic beverages for over a century. Everything first started with the famous Liquore Strega.
This century-long experience has inspired a new range which masterfully reinterprets typical products of Italian liquor tradition. The innovative formulation and image of products aligns them with modern international bartending requirements. The new collection includes a dark amber colour bitter liquor laden with distinctive citrus notes, an exquisitely delicate Amaretto with hints of almond brittle, a Limoncello with a rich infused lemon peel flavour, a night colour sambuca called Luna Nera and a traditional Sambuca, with its characteristic star anise spirit aroma. Design and layout are inspired by the patterns and vibrant colours of orange wrapping first used in the 19th century: a touch of fantasy decorates the magical and unmistakable flavour of the Strega Distillery, in celebration of a traditional Italian product appreciated throughout the world.