ENGIE’s partnership for the 2020 Roland-Garros

For the seventh consecutive year, ENGIE was the energy and sustainability partner of the French Tennis Federation, actively working to make the Roland-Garros tournament a model eco-responsible event. From 27 September to 11 October 2020, ENGIE provided the French Open with unparalleled know-how in green energy supply, eco-innovation, sustainable development and solidarity projects supported by Fondation ENGIE.

For the event, and in order to promote the ENGIE X Roland-Garros partnership, Angelini Design created a campaign that revolves around the slogan “Ensemble, réduisons notre empreinte carbone” – literally, “Together, we decrease our carbon footprint”. The concept was articulated into a variety of formats, stemming from an impactful key visual that was showcased in a large-scale window decal at the company’s headquarters, located in the La Défense district in Paris. In addition, the agency designed the setup for the Tour ENGIE hall with a complementary visual for the reception desk, as well as a series of visuals in different formats for the Group’s digital channels: website, intranet, and social media.

Each one of the visuals embodies ENGIE’s commitment to the energy transition (leveraging solar energy in particular), environmental protection and eco-innovation. Furthermore, they all represent the “energy of champions” that powers tennis, its legendary players and the Roland-Garros tournament itself.