Eni – Company Guide 2014

Angelini Design handles the restyling of Eni’s company guide addressed to board members, shareholders and company managers.
The Eni guide is a manual for corporate governance aimed at introducing the system of corporate rules that discipline the management and direction of the company.

The brief of the client included the request to improve certain critical points of the previous edition: to design a volume that would become a valuable consultation tool, while maintaining an elegant and light style.

As in previous institutional publications designed by Angelini for Eni, the creative concept of the cover and inner contents is a sculpture – designed by the agency and manufactured by the craftsmen of Fubelli – that interprets the subject of the volume, in this case corporate governance.

The globe you can leaf through and the metallic orbits that embrace the sculpture symbolize the idea of a global vision at 360 degrees, indicative of corporate governance and its founding meaning: on one hand the normative base of the company (the text and the book in the shape of a globe), on the other the perimeter that limits each corporate action (the orbits).

The contents are divided into two parts. The first, namely “the organization” and “the norms of reference”, are introduced in full-length pages depicting a close-up in black and white of the sculpture. The second includes the “corporate documents”, with a yellow print toned photographic introduction and an indexed margin, labeled according to subcategories.