Expo 2019. Blending design and innovation

In 2019, Angelini Design supported its client Acciai Speciali Terni in designing and creating exhibition booths with high visual impact for Made in Steel and Host in Milan, and Stainless Steel World in Maastricht.
The spaces incorporated a wide range of video, digital and print communication materials that expressed AST’s corporate vision and values, developing the brand’s visual identity within an established and recognizable continuum.
The three projects are different but consistent, homogeneous and coherent, and strive to enhance Acciai Speciali Terni’s positioning as a transparent, solid and reliable company, always eager to listen to clients’ needs and to embrace new evolutions in technology and digitalization.

Amongst the running themes that make the booths stand out visually, the most striking features were: the rigor of solid architectural structures, clean lines and recurrent square shapes; the transparency of glass; the use of white as the dominant color, picked to convey ideals of rationality and technology but also perfect to represent the hygiene and purity of steel.

The value of hospitality was specifically highlighted for Host – the Ho.Re.Ca industry fair – by visually opening up the booth, creating a large area dedicated to welcoming visitors and adding a zone for catering services.
Digitalization reached its peak at Maastricht’s international fair: a wall dedicated to a large-scale LED allowed AST to use 3D animations to showcased all of its products’ different applications and available finishes.