Fall by Starbucks – something new is in the air

While nature seems to slow down during the fall, Starbucks gears up for a great new season. The major American coffeehouse chain – with a presence of 28,000+ shops in 78 countries – has launched a new fall campaign for both its Shanghai flagship and online channels.

Designed by Angelini Design, New Flavors, New Autumn presents new Starbucks products that clients can enjoy for breakfast, lunch or at tea time, made with seasonal ingredients. The communication campaign features all the typical flavors of the season and the restorative warmth of Starbucks drinks.

The main visual evokes a deeply contemporary organicretro mood. Angelini Design curated a special photo shooting to portray food and beverages, framed by graphics that give them a strong new look, in line with the product range launched for the fall. Graphics and illustrations complement the still life images in surprising harmony.

Fall is the season of tranquility and sharing: the best moment of the year for Starbucks clients to gather around a hot beverage and savor some of the specialties that have made the American company the most famous coffee brand in the world.