Fernet Pallini, the historical flavor of a contemporary icon

Pallini has made liqueur and distilled spirits for over 140 years – starting from the small town of Antrodoco, in the province of Rieti, and expanding to new factories in Rome in the 1920s to finally reach over 35 countries in the world.

After the successful restyling of the Ferrochina Baliva and Virgilio amaro brands, once again Pallini decided to collaborate with Angelini Design to strengthen the positioning of one of its historical products: Fernet.

The company’s founder perfected the recipe for Pallini’s Fernet in 1880, and the product has maintained the aromatic flavor of medicinal herbs and full aroma of the brand’s history ever since.

In Angelini Design’s restyling of this iconic amaro, the Pallini family’s coat of arms plays a central role. The original design of the eagle on a red background was included in the label’s re-design, conveying the company’s identity and its deep bonds to this product.
Adding gold elements and moving the “Fernet Pallini” lettering to the center of the label contributes to making the new packaging a real manifesto of the product and to establish Pallini’s high prestige.