Ferrari: two museums, a common visual language

Although the Ferrari Museum in Maranello and the Enzo Ferrari Museum are two structures with separate missions and projects, they both celebrate the Ferrari brand in the region that saw the Cavallino Rampante legend begin.

The museum in Maranello engages visitors along a unique itinerary that presents the vehicles that made the history of cars, on tracks and roads all around the world. The Enzo Ferrari Museum, on the other hand, offers an experience closer to the roots of the prestigious brand, going down the company’s timeline from its origins.

In 2017 – when Ferrari decided to establish a certain visual coherence between the two structures, based on their shared heritage – Angelini Design created a concept and visual solution that could adapt to both institutions, with clear connections to the brand but also a unique, distinctive feel for each of the two museums.

Angelini Design thus refreshed the branding and reorganized the existing logos and communication system by rationalizing graphic elements. The new format prominently features a horizontal space (red for the Maranello Museum, yellow for the Enzo Ferrari Museum) that represents a recognizable style element and can be interpreted in a variety of shapes to enhance different communication implementations, both inside and outside the exhibition space.

Now the two structures, while maintaining their independence and a distinctive identity, have a common and versatile graphic format that conveys Ferrari values effectively.