Florentia Village brand identity & environmental communication

Angelini Design brings Italian elegance, taste and luxury to one of China’s most exclusive designer outlets. Our country’s atmosphere and inspiration welcome visitors and lead them through an unforgettable shopping experience.

With over two hundred international fashion brand boutiques, Florentia Village is one of the most important retail groups in China, with designer outlets in Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu and Hong Kong. Behind its success you’ll find the Fingen Group, which is present in the fields of fashion, retail and – with management entrusted to RDM – real estate. Florentia Village is an important commercial player, requiring careful analysis of client flows and visual design with a double objective in mind: attract new visitors and constantly improve the shopping experience.

Florentia Village selected Angelini Design’s experience and know-how to design new brand identity and environmental communication solutions for the Guangzhou village, and later for the Shanghai one as well. The main priority was to analyze the evolution of clients’ approach to shopping. Today, stores are no longer just places where products are presented: they have become crucial hubs where clients are invited to live positive experiences in connection to the brand, amplifying its values and fostering client fidelization.

Therefore, today’s shopping experience is based on the history and emotions that stem from engaging storytelling. Angelini Design’s creative concept focuses on a new visual language: “the idiom of luxury”, merging the signs of Chinese calligraphy with those of Western typography. A custom language for a shopping experience that is tailored to each single client, who can start to view outlets as an opportunity not only for discounts but also for the best quality-over-price ratio.

The creative solutions proposed started, visually, from an abstract interpretation of calligraphy, like windows that could open up to worlds and visions of Italian fashion and culture. Angelini Design analyzed the visitor flow and the layout of the shop windows, in order to understand which areas were more crowded and had the best visual appeal to channel advertisement messages and attract clients to certain points.

The agency approached the project from different angles. At the institutional level, it created graphic solutions for street-facing windows inspired by the silhouette of the Florentia Village logo, adding evocative images from the world of fashion so that passersby may instantly identify the type of products sold inside.

The windows inside the outlet, instead, were dedicated to Florentia Village’s brand values: authenticity, quality, affinity and Italian style, represented with illustrative imagery and calligraphic flair.

Angelini Design also took on the crucial task of creating an environment that can trigger the emotions of a positive shopping experience. The agency ideated a series of interactive sets for playful engagement: backdrops dedicated to Italy’s culture and geography, or speech balloons with typical Italian expressions and a blank space – designed for people to pose and take selfies.

It all makes for a prefect strategy to immerse visitors in the evocative atmosphere that Florentia Village brings to life, and to allow clients to purchase from the best international brands while visually enveloped by Italian elegance, taste and luxury.