Francorosso – Catalogs 2016-2017

Francorosso is a leading Italian tour operator, part of the Alpitour group. It targets the Italian market exclusively, offering travel experiences in luxury hotel/villages around the world.

Francorosso’s 2016 goal was to build a new communication strategy to re-launch the brand at both consumer and business level, re-positioning it in the premium and high-end segment.

To this end, Angelini Design developed for Francorosso a new creative code, a distinctive graphic format and a new tone of voice that come to life in the brand’s manifesto and in all communication opportunities: print campaigns, logo design, catalogs, videos, point-of-sale design and special projects.
The drop-cap F becomes an iconic element in the communication and visual identity, and coexists with the Francorosso brand.
The visual mood is based on essential and symmetrical images of landscapes and destinations, with a preference for a unique and aspirational style that sets the brand apart from competitors.
The new graphic format revises hierarchies and layout in order to adapt to a variety of types of content.
Brand architecture activities have rationalized the product range in terms of both destination and visual identification, strengthening the idea of a product family.

It all makes for a thorough and complex brand repositioning project, set to continue for all of 2017.