Garofalo – All the qualities of Flour

“Not all flours are the same”. Angelini Design accompanies Garofalo upon its entering the market of premium flour, with a packaging design in black that presents the characteristics and excellence of the new line.

From a fundamental element of Garofalo’s success such as flour, rises a line of four new products (“00” and whole wheat), for the more sophisticated palates. Angelini designed four packages, each in a different font color, that guide to the reading of all relevant information: the conscientious use of flour “without additives”, that is easy to use and distinguished by a “W” value, denoting its strength.

What the agency has produced is the first black package in the flour category, to underline the refinement of the line and make it visually coherent with its family of other Garofalo products. A continuity that is also present in the handwritten style of the font, which has long been a characteristic of Garofalo’s communication. This is a pack designed to make a difference in the battle of the best.