Garofalo Olive Oil

Garofalo, the great pasta producer from Gragnano, launched its extra virgin olive oil in 2014. Angelini designed the graphics of the label – around the logotype Lucio Garofalo – and the copy inviting to read the back label.

Garofalo’s oil does not present marked differences with respect to its pasta. Once again, the brand acts as a warrantor of a product based on quality and taste. The brief of the client was therefore to underline its belonging to the Garofalo brand, with graphics that should express the care, attention, “transparency” and closeness towards customers.

As occurred with the packaging for pasta, Angelini came up with a modern graphic treatment that breaks away from tradition and courageously reinterprets the product’s positioning as a premium extra virgin oil within large-scale retail. The decision to split the word “Olio” with a minimalist but unexpected design is intended to make the product the real protagonist of communication. The word is divided into its two syllables, one above and the other under the autograph signature of Lucio Garofalo.

The copy in the front, “There’s a story behind it”, suggests reading the back label that indicates the oil’s characteristics: its composition, time of harvest, the type of manual picking and olive press. This is the story of a great family of soloists who sing alone or in group, guided by a skilled orchestra director: master oil maker Garofalo.