Garofalo packaging of pasta for coeliacs

Garofalo, the great pasta factory of Gragnano, produces various types of pasta of the highest quality, and is known the world over for the battles it has undertaken in favor of traditional products and the Italian way of eating. In order to allow everybody to savor its specialties, Garofalo offers a particular pasta for coeliacs, a tasty recipe appealing to all, but particularly suited for those who cannot digest gluten and do not want to give up the flavors of the Mediterranean diet.

Angelini Design created this packaging for all shapes of this pasta, with the precise intention of not giving the product medicinal or pharmaceutical characteristics: on first sight the round seal in the middle of the colored strip immediately stands out, with on it written “Taste is a right”, to underline how this recipe satisfies the palate of all, including coeliac consumers.

The transparency of the package allows the product to present itself naturally, and the strip in a delicate violet attracts the consumer who notices the chromatic difference of the product with respect to the competition, contributing in creating a reassuring and artisanal image. The various types of pasta are then inserted into a special tasting pack, made of two-colored cardboard, with the peculiarity of the ingredients written with the same gestural font present on the pasta packages, created ad hoc for Garofalo.