Garofalo, special eco-sustainable packaging

At the Salone del Gusto 2010, Garofalo pasta presents its special packaging entitled “Eco-sustainability according to us: welcome to the number zero”, designed by Angelini Design with an essential, frugal and spontaneous approach which can be seen in the hand-written treatment of the name. A new eco-sustainable packet with biodegradable wrapping and “zero food miles” spaghetti, using wheat cultivated and processed in Campania, a transparent pack that allows the pasta itself to play the leading role. Inspired by the creative concept Gente del Fud (Foodies), the graphic treatment conveys that feeling of authenticity, of spontaneity and artisanal knowledge which has always distinguished the Garofalo world and expresses Garofalo’s commitment to quality and eco-sustainability. “Eco-sustainability according to us: welcome to the number zero” is the first concrete result of the experimental research to make a completely eco-sustainable packet, which Garofalo achieved with the collaboration of the Federico II University in Naples.