Honda – stand

The Japanese Honda company appeared at the Brussels European Motor Show 14 to 24 January 2010 with its new, revolutionary trim level conceived by Angelini Design. It was a special occasion for stressing – if there is still a need to – how important it is to believe in dreams in order to be a leader on the world market.

“The power of dreams” is the concept that has always driven the Japanese manufacturer into the pole position. The occasion is the presentation of the incredible Honda V4 1200 cc four-cylinder in V engine and the new Honda VFR 1200F, the only Sport Touring Bike on the market fitted out with the futuristic, powerful engine.

The result is a multisensory stand where the presence of the brand is all-encompassing and the dream experience takes shape and substance through a route that contemplates the succession of three areas linked to seeing, hearing and touching. The Honda models take centre stage in their roles of true stars of the experience. Surrounding them are the three concept rooms with three different names. Dream features the latest innovations, the new VFR 1200F, a parade of historic models and an area dedicated to the racing division. Reason has a selling area and a space set aside for exhibiting the Sport, Touring, Scooter and Enduro models. Desire displays accessories, spare parts and merchanding, with an exceptional presentation. Visitors who approach the stand are drawn into the Honda universe through a sensory route that beckons them to find out and look for more. One first sees, hears and touches, then buys if interested. A different and more effective way for building the sales experience that led Honda Motorcycle to adopt the same layout for all of its European dealerships.