Lancia TrendVisions – Website

Lancia TrendVisions is the advanced online communication project created and directed by Angelini Design and produced by Lancia to work on its brand’s values, expand its communication horizon and reinforce its presence on the web. By capitalizing on love for Italian style, design and elegance, as well as the interest in culture and fashion that Lancia has always demonstrated, the Italian carmaker goes beyond its physical and symbolic territory to exercise a new influence with the entry and direct action within the parallel though electively nearby worlds of design, fashion and lifestyle to acquire an authority and one of the most eloquent and effective innovative capabilities of any traditional communication activity.

Lancia TrendVisions is a workshop of international creative research. A preferential outpost for discovering new ideas, new talents and new forms of creativity. A new interactive and social-oriented communication channel that involves different personalities with interconnected far-off experiences. From the people of the web and creative people the world over to the leading international universities and their teachers and students. Leading it is the careful judgment of an international editorial staff of critics, journalists and designers united by the prestige of a panel of experts and leaders of the design, fashion and lifestyle sectors.

Lancia TrendVisions is also a web magazine constantly brought up to date with news, innovations, previews, interviews and information coming from all over the world, which are the fruit of the research work of an international editorial team. Design, fashion and lifestyle are the three sections dealt with, and they confirm Lancia’s ambition to expand its scope of communication well beyond the borders of its specific sector, but without going too far beyond its elective areas of interest.