Once Upon My Time, the fairytale continues with Lancia TrendVisions.

Lancia TrendVisions and Angelini Design put the spotlight on the talent of Fabrizio Talia, designer of (es)* Artisanal, with event Once Upon My Time which took place in Milan during Fashion Week. Against the splendid backdrop of the Chiostro dei Pesci cloister, the (es)* Artisanal fable unfolds. Born in Rome in 2011, the brand’s creative concept of “Unique and Reproducible”, allows everyone the possibility of approaching what is universally beautiful.

Fabrizio Talia indeed recovers the concept theorized by Walter Benjamin regarding the reproducibility of art works, displaying a unique garment in white, entirely handmade and offered in 11 different versions, which replicate the style and multiply the occasions on which it can be worn. Starting from the white-black textiles with floral motifs by Fabrizio Talia, Lancia TrendVisions, together with the fashion designer, created scarves in two different styles, one more graphic and the other more photographic-geometric: the 12 scarves were displayed on the walls of the cloister, like architectural scenery.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of LanciaTrendVisions.com’s restyling, and of the new Up&More contest on the website: the prizes up for grabs in the first contest, starting in October, are precisely two bracelets by Es Artisanal, designed by industrial designer Diego Erre, which portray the Once Upon My Time concept of “Unique and Reproducible”.

As a final touch, Lancia TrendVisions “dressed” a Lancia Y with the same graphic motif as one of the scarves created for the event, transforming it into an original courtesy car.