Let’s go green with Anna Tura

Anna Tura is a line of fresh vegetable products packaged in protective atmosphere, distributed through both mass-retail outlets and small shops.
The company hired Angelini Design to define together the best market positioning and launch strategy for its new brand.
The consultancy regarded a variety of strategic assets: from the new packaging system to the brand name, from designing the website to planning marketing launches on social networks.

The face of nature
The goal pinpointed in the brief was clear: strengthen the concept of vacuum-sealed produce that is brought fully fresh to your table, thanks to an innovative packaging technology.
To help consumers immediately perceive the idea of fresh, natural and wholesome food, we came up with a name that conveys a clear connection to the universe of nature: with a phonetic play on words, “Anna Tura” is pronounced similarly to the word nature itself in different languages, and therefore was the perfect name for products marketed in Italy and exported abroad.

The label’s color palette is also directly connected to the colors of freshly picked vegetables. The logo creates a strong visual identity by giving an artistic interpretation of a woman’s face – “the real face of nature”, as the slogan claims.

Nature in person
The brand thus becomes a lifestyle choice, for a well-informed and modern target audience that chooses to eat healthy and select products also according to their origin and processing. For this reason, the statement “grown in Italy” was added to the graphics on the packaging – which is itself an Anna Tura exclusive, as the company has patented a special tray that keeps food fresh for thirty days.

Anna Tura online
In the final phase of the consultancy, we designed a communication strategy to enhance the quality of the products and develop brand awareness. To create engagement through social networks – Facebook and Instagram in particular – we created dedicated posts to tell the story of the world around the brand.
For the website, we continued to follow a modern approach that makes consistent references to nature and to the freshness of Anna Tura’s unprocessed products.
Having seen the first positive results of our work, the client has now entrusted Angelini Design with managing its social networks.