Lindt – The four ranges

The four ranges of Lindt loose chocolates – Suisse, Cremini, Bastoncini and Roulette – have a new visual identity designed by Angelini Design. Each belongs to a different world of taste, and each is enriched with a stronger, more visible and more recognisable personality after the standardisation work carried out on the colour codes that guide the consumer as he makes his choice of purchase. Suisse, the range of quality chocolates for connoisseurs, comes in five recipes with metallic wrapper, paper jacket and sharp, distinctive colours: gold, silver, green, blue and black. Cremini, the range of chocolates in five creative recipes, is distinguished by a gold wrapper, a different colour code for each reference and application of the product demo of the identifying ingredient on the paper jacket. Bastoncini, the mini snacks that come in eight youthful and dynamic recipes, are marked by a shiny wrapper with “bonbon” closing, demo product of the additional ingredient in the window with wavy contour and two base colours: silver for the plain chocolates, blue for the milk chocolates.