Lumières d’Afriques Exhibition – Visual Identity

Angelini Design has designed the logo and all the visual communication tools for Lumières d’Afriques, the traveling exhibition that includes 54 artists coming from 54 different countries of the African continent: a historic artistic event that puts on display in one exhibit various creations elaborating on the theme of “Illuminated Africa”.
The first stop of the event was the Théâtre National du Chaillot in Paris in November of 2015, in concurrence with COP 21, the conference on climate change held by the United Nations. The exhibition was organized by the association African Artists for Development with the support of Orange, Schneider Electric Foundation, Théâtre National du Chaillot and Tilder.

The objective of Lumières d’Afriques is to draw the attention of the world to the electrification of Africa. The challenge for Angelini Design was to find an effective and concise way of communicating the subject of providing electricity, without using the clichés and visual themes that have previously been used to describe traditional Africa.
Through their works the artists have shown how access to electric power would represent an enormous step forward for African countries: Angelini Design provided these artists and their creations with an ideal image that can be seen in the logo: a stylization of the African continent created with zigzagging lines that represent electricity and progress in motion.

The same logo was replicated in a larger format using neon lights and put on display at the entrance of the exhibition. Internal signage, information panels and visuals on the floor also followed the same connective thread, giving the event a tangible visual coherence.

Angelini Design also created advertising pages for the event and large posters placed on the facade of Palais Chaillot, the Parisian location of the exhibition. Naturally online communication was also created, with an ad hoc website and a series of banners and campaigns on social media, which all contributed to the success of the event.

The website in particular was conceived so as to be easily updated, reiterating the idea of constant evolution that is expressed in the works on display. The exhibition has already traveled to Paris and Côte d’Ivoire and will continue its trip through other African countries. At Palais Chaillot it drew over 20,000 viewers and enjoyed widespread coverage on the primary French and international television channels.