Maserati – Quattroporte

Maserati, the historical Italian luxury automobile company renowned the world over, presents the new Quattroporte: a grand tourer that joins the comfort of a sedan to the pure driving pleasure of a sports car, which has always been a trademark of the automakers from Modena.

To represent the two sides of this new car’s personality a dual photographic treatment was chosen: with elegant black and white backgrounds on which the colored image of the vehicle stands out, highlighting its design and refined lines. To do justice to the care taken with every detail and the handmade fabrication of the sedan, the larger photos from a wider angel are accompanied by details of the finishing and luxury accessories, such as the stitching of the seats, done by hand, and the monitors for passengers in the back, placed on the headrests in front. With its evocative titles and descriptions, the text underlines the excellence of the Quattroporte automobile.