Mews Partners

Following considerable market growth Vinci Consulting have become Mews Partners and entrusted Angelini Desgn with their future strategic positioning and visual identity.

The aim of the company is to build a new brand identity and define the general communication strategy so as to reaffirm the personality of the brand in alignment with clients.

The operation involved research on the values of the brand, identifying new business objectives and redefining the concept of “consulting” in the current complex competitive scenario.

From this analysis, Angelini Design has identified the communication trends that are relevant to clients and the values to convey.
The results are a redefinition of the pay-off (hands-on performance), the design of a new logo and a new visual identity in general, which currently includes a new website accompanied by a launch video.

Angelini Design has also put together a press campaign for specialized media and two photo features to depict the company from up close, with artistic direction by photographer Renato Cerisola.

Each communication project that was developed responds to a new strategy, which includes values of human touch, inspiration, experience and dedication, portraying the company’s ability to understand and interpret the present.