Parakian – Brand Identity and logotype restyling

25 years since it was founded, women’s ready-to-wear brand Didier Parakian changes its company structure with the acquisition by Maroquinerie Thomas group, specialized in leather and luxury textiles, and the arrival of new CEO Giovanni Fontana Giusti. Angelini Design was entrusted with the construction of the brand’s new identity.

The relaunch begins with a new name, Parakian Paris, with the restyling of the logotype and with a new visual language. The name is the first step in a broader strategy focused on developing the brand’s international standing and improving its image. By strengthening its connection to the world’s fashion capital, Paris, the brand hopes to increase perception of its position above the market mid-range, now saturated and in competition with multinationals.

Angelini Design carried out the market analysis and developed the marketing strategy to reposition the brand. Product identity remains strongly based on print experimentation and knitwear, while the values of reference have evolved, defined by the contamination between Parisian elegance and a Mediterranean spirit and energy. Under the creative direction of Sergio Ciucci the brand’s style becomes more refined and addresses a younger target. The Parakian woman is elegant, bold, independent and has a strong personality.

The new logotype is conceived to incarnate the more elegant and passionate facet of Mediterranean femininity. The solution is a graphic design with an intense character, which is balanced by sensual curves, energetic angles, eclectic diagonal lines and subtle gaps in the letters. A stylistic formula that portrays the refinement and verve of the Parakian woman.