Pasta Garofalo makes its debut at the Salone del Gusto 2010

Garofalo pasta makes its debut at the Salone del Gusto 2010 in its capacity as exhibitor and main sponsor of the most prestigious Italian food and wine show, with a stand by Angelini Design.

Four different areas to accommodate the activities and topics presented during the show: educating the palate, eco-sustainability, the territory and community of food, the Internet and food bloggers, harmonised within the creative concept Gente del Fud (Foodies). A way of feeling, living and acting rather than a rigid manifesto.

A Foodie is someone who feels strongly about traditions, taste, good food, genuine food, but most of all the right food, for themselves, for others, for the environment and for the territory. So it is an elective community, but also an idea that is developed in detail in the gallery of photo panels, made with a targeted and illustrated treatment, with characters, landscapes, details, words and sentences hand-written to convey that feeling of authenticity, of spontaneity and artisanal knowledge which has always distinguished the Garofalo world.