Petti’s new pasta sauces, Tuscany at the center of the recipe.

Petti is a Tuscan company that has been making top-quality puréed, pulped and chopped tomatoes since 1925. Now, it has launched its first range of ready-made pasta sauces.
Angelini Design developed the packaging system and communication material for both trade and consumer audiences, for the launch of the five products in the range – presented at Tutto Food during Milan’s 2019 Word Food Exhibition.

The packaging prominently features quadrants inspired by the flags representing the different “contrade” in Tuscan historical towns and cities. In one of the quadrants, a photograph of the distinctive ingredients in the sauce is portrayed. The graphics and imagery complement and complete each other thanks to a carefully curated color palette and composition, where a variety of elements are highlighted within an elegant balance of tradition and contemporaneity. The outcome is a refined, high-impact visual that is deeply rooted in the iconic imagery tied to Tuscany, the homeland of Petti tomato products and a distinctive trait for the company.

Angelini Design also came up with the claim for the launch campaign, Il sugo della Toscana, to underline the central role of Tuscan tradition in Petti’s products.

Finally, the agency defined the art direction for the video presenting the new product range, in which images of the Tuscan landscape alternate with those of the new pasta sauces by Petti. In the Italian campaign the copy ironically echoes Tuscan poetry and folk songs, while the international version includes some common Italian words to convey the features and benefits of the new range.