Prima Industrie: strong change, excellent results

Prima Industrie is a global leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of laser systems for industrial applications, sheet metal processing machinery, industrial electronics, laser sources and additive manufacturing solutions.

In 2020, the company decided to create a video to put out a message of optimism at a particularly difficult time for the world’s economy. The goal was to implement corporate communication to convey the Group’s constant commitment to facing market change with resilience, by making high-performance products and always reassuring foreign partners and employees of the company’s position of leadership.

This initial brief gave life to an aspirational video that showcases the company’s values through the metaphor of a highly evocative sculpture being made.
The sculpture was designed intentionally so it could be made by using a variety of Prima Industrie’s cutting-edge machines. It is a true work of art: a steel globe that represents the brand’s international presence, with a leaf at the top symbolizing environmental sustainability. The base, finally, quotes the headline created by Angelini Design to highlight the Group’s long history.

The video’s storytelling presents the various steps required to make the sculpture, and the techniques coming into play. The agency was entrusted with the storyboard and art direction for filming at the Turin factories. The project’s objective is to tell the story of the Group’s know-how, but most importantly of its corporate mission: a focus on innovation and forward thinking that constantly projects the company into the future.