Reloaded by Creators: FCA Heritage presents its timeless masterpieces

Reloaded by Creators is a new sales service for classic Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Abarth cars. FCA Heritage launched this international endeavor during Automotoretrò in Turin and Retromobile in Paris, and Angelini Design was at the brand’s side for the two important debuts, having defined the service’s visual identity, naming and press conference setup.

Founded in November 2015, FCA’s Heritage Department has cultural ambitions. It strives to find ways to develop the industrial, technological and stylistic value of the brand, but also aims to provide clients with the tools to understand, interpret and highlight their possessions. Its goal is not only to celebrate but to bring value, not only to safekeep heritage but also to keep it alive. The project looks at the past but allows the brand to propel its cars towards the future.

Angelini Design kept those goals clear in mind when designing a non-conservative visual identity and naming, going beyond museum-like options and creating a fresh and dynamic look to bring out the brand’s rich history, tradition and culture. Indeed, the agency’s goal was to define the image of an active cultural player, with a specific role in relationship to classic car collectors, experts and fans.

The same intentions extended to the agency’s art direction and content for “Heritage”, a full-color, 16-page magazine that was circulated at Automotoretrò and Retromobile. The editorial format, inspired by free magazines, made for a flexible communication tool that could change according to the event. The masthead reflected the Heritage logo, accompanied by the four Classic brands – Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Abarth. The tabloid’s goal in these first “editions” was to present the Heritage service and the first models for sale, carefully selected for collectors: ultimate classics and “unexpected” custom vehicles, perfect for real connaisseurs. Timeless masterpieces of mechanics and design.