Schneider Electric Foundation sculpture

The Schneider Electric Foundation is active in various nations to raise awareness in favor of accessible energy for all populations, even the most disadvantaged. On the occasion of Lumières d’Afriques, the itinerant exhibition that presents the work of 54 artists from 54 different countries of the African continent, Angelini Design created a sculpture representing the foundation, going much beyond a typical presentation panel.

Set up at the entrance of the Théâtre National du Chaillot in Paris, the sculpture was made using materials produced by Schneider Electric: cables, light bulbs and solar panels, assembled in such a way as to form a structure that represents the humanitarian goals and global impact that the foundation wants to reach with its initiatives.

The sculpture, an imposing cube of 1.6 meters per face, has a striking effect on visitors, who can thus learn about Schneider Electric Foundation’s work and open-mindedly approach such an important subject as accessible energy.