Simply and Angelini, design enters the supermarket

From the moment Sma became part of Auchan group and changed its name to Simply, it was decided the products that end up in the shopping cart should not only be good, but also beautiful.

Angelini Design thus defined the rebranding of all the product lines of the Simply Private Label. Starting with the packaging of the Standard Line, the products that belong to the middle to high end both in quality and price.

The creation of a graphic format (the characteristic “swirl”), guarantees the line maintains graphic continuity and Brand recognition, while the accurate choice of colors and images transmits all the quality and safety of a line of products for everyday use, with the right combination of price and taste. Many different references, combined with a modern and familiar treatment.

The agency is entrusted with the study of the brand’s positioning as well as the definition of the company’s brand identity, to ensure a coherent, recognizable and lasting system of identity for the label.