Simply Bio – Packaging for the line of organic products

Apart from selling products of the best brands, Simply supermarkets also have various lines of products under their own logo. Always ready to cater to the needs of the modern consumer, Simply offers a line of organic products of the highest quality, destined for those concerned about food ingredients and who favor the fruits of the earth that grow according to nature.

Angelini Design conceived the Packaging System of the entire Simply Bio line, starting from the creation of a logo that is striking and immediate, following a different path as opposed to the competition. The logo is formed by a natural element, the leaf, on which two eyes made from a gestural font stand out, in strokes of green. The result is a graphical element with anthropomorphic traits, a symbol with a tribal aspect that testifies to the closeness between the Simply Bio line and the land with all its traditions.

The packs include photographic images of the products, that are presented with a “natural” treatment, without filters or hyperbolic framing: true to the concept of the product, the images are presented as “nature creates them”. The chosen colors contribute in building this image of sincerity and reassurance that the consumer looks for in a line of organic products: the Simply Bio line has nothing to hide.