Düsseldorf – Stand and display place

Acciai Speciali Terni, the Italian colossus of stainless steel, the fourth biggest producer in Europe and 13th worldwide, has taken the stage of the industry’s biggest fairs with a new look signed Angelini Design.

After having designed the company’s entire corporate identity, Angelini translated its international approach and customer orientation into a rigorous, sinuous and straightforward design in total white.

For Dusseldorf’s Tube International Fair in March 2016, AST’s production of tubes were the protagonists, with a geometric construction that expressed the concept of openness thanks to its glass walls allowing the inside and outside to communicate, fenced in at the sides with an enclosure made of stainless steel tubes.

The Nordic architecture, representing the plant of the tube factory, was as welcoming and warm as a home. Both the side fences and the canebrake in the background were composed of steel tubes of various shape, size and thickness and were intended to express the vast array of AST products.

The display space hosted three rooms for meetings, a welcoming area, an area for international catering, and an angular totem with 6 flat screen TVs that portrayed the history and values of this company at the forefront of laminated surfaces and tube production.