Terre dell’Oasi

Terre dell’Oasi has arrived. It is the first line of organic and eco-sustainable products coming from the 100 Italian WWF Oases. The task of designing its new visual identity was given to Angelini Design: a new trademark and packaging system for oil, honey, emmer pasta, pearl emmer and emmer meal. The Terre dell’Oasi trademark is played on fluid shapes and a naturalistic photographic background that calls to mind its close bond with the simplicity of the countryside, placing emphasis on the authentic and traditional approach of the world of WWF Oases. The packaging system uses a series of naturalistic photographic textures that directly refer to the organic product and to more symbolic and metaphoric charms, such as natural jute cloth for the paper packaging. Overlapping the natural textures are fields of neutral colour that contain the gastronomic information and the transparent windows opening onto the product that itself becomes the spokesman of its own communication.