The Amarelli Liquorice Museum

To celebrate the staging of a new exhibition room at the museum, Amarelli entrusts Angelini Design with the task of graphically redesigning the brand’s website.

Vintage images slide through elegant frames of unmistakable style and narrate the story of liquorice as the Amarelli family has been handing it down generation after generation.

A devotion to the fruit of their homeland but not only: historic machinery, production factories and a reconstruction of the environment and social life of the time are a testament to this tale. The visitor is immerged in an experience that comprises centuries of life and work and he thus rediscovers the timeless values of commitment, passion and love for the earth via a journey through the industrial past of this family.

A new step on the brand’s path of renewal, already begun in 2010 with the creation of a new graphic identity for both its communication and products.