The Grand Opening of the Shanghai Disney Resort: visual identity design

The Shanghai Disney Resort is the largest amusement park ever opened by entertainment giant Disney. The best energies and resources have been pooled from within the multinational and its trusted partners to work on the project, which truly represents a sign of China’s remarkable cultural openness. Disney trusted Angelini Design’s expertise and know-how with the communication of the structure’s Grand Opening, held on June 14th, 15th and 16th 2016. The slogan of the event was “Ignite the magical dream within your heart” and its goal was to convey an idea of magic, celebration and dream, with implementations on a wide range of communication materials: invites, badges, press kits, stationary and the precious Guidebook – a presentation of the park, printed in a limited edition of 3,000 copies and given to VIPs, VVIPs and government representatives.

Angelini Design worked for weeks with the Disney team, including creative and marketing departments from the United States and China, as well as with account executives, photographers, copywriters and printers. Real teamwork allowed us to create and develop together the creative concept to communicate the opening as a grand event. To symbolically recall the ceremonial ribbon cutting that is part of any exclusive inauguration, a golden ribbon was added as a running theme on all communication materials, surrounded by fairy dust to represent the park’s magical atmosphere.

The Guidebook was printed in a limited and exclusive edition, and was designed and developed by Angelini Design from its inception, including the graphic design and art direction over photographs, working closely with the various Disney teams involved in the process.
The outcome is a volume that presents the amusement park as well as the hotels and stores revolving around it. Each of the five chapters the book is divided into emphasizes the lavishness and magic atmosphere of the park, and is identified with a band of a different color on the side and a precious Chinese knot. The knots’ special 3D effect was achieved only after a number of printing tests and much research to pinpoint the right texture.
In the Guidebook’s format, each chapter starts with an introduction of epic or evocative photographs linked to a theme, and a text enriched by a detail of the related area.

For the creative concept of the other visual materials (invites, badges, press kits and stationary), different color codes and palettes were defined for different recipients. Invites, for example, were printed in red for members of the government, blue for VIPs and gold for VVIPs.

The courtesy kit included an A4-size envelope with headed paper, and featured a string closure meant to echo traditional Chinese craftsmanship and represent a “common thread” joining East and West.

Finally, as regards the documents distributed to the press, Angelini Design created a press kit with different themes divided into tabs. Journalists visiting the structures outside the Disney park also received a press folder, which consisted of a tri-fold leaflet presenting the Disneyland Hotel and Toy Story Hotel, as well as the Wishing Star Park.