The New Amarelli Catalogue 2010

The most famous liquorice in the world has a new catalogue. This fine paper solution is distinguished by a graphic treatment of yesteryear with retro illustrations and a vintage effect given to the titles to present the products of the famous liquorice grown under the warm sun of Calabria. The operation is part of a more wide-ranging restyling of the image and repositioning of the company, in line with its centuries-old confectionery tradition. The strategy adopted focuses on the prestige, originality, uniqueness and recognisability of the company’s products and trademark to affirm its new image in the Italian “specialised” stores sector and aid its penetration into the European and American markets. The excellence, quality and tradition of the products and “Made in Italy” prestige thereby find the right answer in a distinctive, evocative, exciting and also “nostalgically” authoritative and reassuring graphic and visual approach.