The new gym in Coverciano, from history to the future

The Coverciano Federal Technical Center (Centro Tecnico Federale) is the first sports facility ever owned by a soccer federation. Since 1958, its cutting-edge structure and highly skilled staff have supported the training programs followed by the Azzurri. Today, 19 male and female Italian national soccer teams prepare here for matches all over the world.

Within its solid, long-standing collaboration with FIGC, Angelini Design was entrusted with an important branding project focused on the gym where both the male and female Azzurri train.

The creative project revolved around the history of Italy’s national team: a history of victories and prestigious accolades, and a springboard to tackle future challenges with pride and dedication.

The gym is where tomorrow’s winners start to prepare physically and mentally. Thus, Angelini’s creative idea blended the concepts of strength, power and performance, and sought in the great past of the national team the right motivation to reach the top-ranking positions of international soccer.

The bold graphics merge past and future, with visuals in which the iconic light blue interacts with black-and-white photographs of some of the most important Azzurri in sports history.

The wording La storia addosso, il futuro adesso (literally “History on you, the future is now”, prompting players wearing the historic team colors to seize the opportunity to leave their mark) conveys with great strength and effectiveness the FIGC’s will to conquer the future by leveraging the prestige of its light blue jersey.

The gym was presented during the Azzurri Partner Day, which brings together the National team’s sponsors and is always in the media’s spotlight. In this event of great commercial and symbolic importance, Angelini Design’s work played a central role and, once again, amplified visibility.

Photo credit: FIGC/Getty Images.