Together for 110 years. Today, just like the first day.

To celebrate the 110th anniversary of Italy’s National Football Team, Angelini Design pays homage to the Azzurri’s first sports event, with an advertising built around graphic elements inspired by the style of the early 1900s.

Created by Carlo Angelini himself, the illustration in the top half of the page represents Italy’s first ever match, against France at Milan’s Arena Civica stadium on 15 May 1910. The Italian team, wearing a white jersey, won by a score of 6-2. The lower part of the page showcases the portraits of the 12 pioneers (11 players, plus coach Umberto Meazza) who embarked on the adventure that, to this day, brings Italian fans together around the thrilling passion for soccer. The custom-designed font and the details on the players’ uniforms stem from in-depth research on vintage iconography, and contribute to evoking the charm of a time that is long gone, yet incredibly alive in our collective imagination.

On top of celebrating this important birthday, the visual was designed to highlight the importance of Italian soccer as an aspect that more than many others is able to bring Italian people together. Through soccer all of Italy – and not only the Azzurri – becomes a legendary but real team that is strong, united, determined to tackle and win any challenge. Today, just like the first day.